Demand-driven improvement of spatio-legal data

Data from government registers is increasingly being used digitally. Data is often used for purposes it was not originally intended, and this challenges data quality. Tightly linked to government business, land surveyors work as authorized private players with geodata that is used or created in an environment based on legislation – the so-called ‘spatio-legal data’. Authorized land surveyors could to a greater extent contribute to improve the quality and to maintain spatio-legal data. However, this does not happen due to rules and processes associated with registers hosting this data.

A model for demand-driven quality improvement of authoritative government geodata based on the concepts of VGI (volunteered geographic information), digital platform and ecosystems, and SDI (spatial data infrastructure) is feasible.

In an article in in the danish periodical for Land Surveyors (Landinspektøren) three geo-business professionals (Bent Hulegaard Jensen, Lennart Hansen and Thorben Hansen) give a brief presentation of the model, how it can be utilized to improve the quality of spatio-legal data, and how land surveyors could play a role in this.

The article is in Danish and available from the periodical’s web-site: page 36-41. The article is also attached below.

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