Thorben Hansen 

Advisor and Founder


Innovator in Spatial Data Infrastructure.

My area of expertise is digital transformation and location enabled data infrastructure. I have a proven record of accomplishment in delivering to national and European level spatial data infrastructure.

I am a long-term contributor to development of a digital business environment, where a comprehensive framework for spatial data sharing serves both the national and the European level and involves government organisations as well as small and medium size enterprises in the ecosystem utilizing an open application programming interface (API) to the contents of the common data space.

In my previous role as head of division in the Danish mapping and cadastral agency, I was responsible for developing the national framework for spatial data sharing serving both the national e-government initiative and the European INSPIRE directive. Included in this activity was development of a partner program encouraging private businesses to embed shared data and services in applications serving both public and private users. Furthermore, I was a member of the board in the organisation that unifies state and municipal base map activities, and I was responsible for maturing the agency’s spatial data to become readily available for data sharing with well-documented data models and supported by a solid, standards based ict-infrastructure.

Before joining the Danish mapping and cadastral agency, I worked in the geospatial ict-business, where I served in both technical, business development and managerial positions, and where I worked in both national and international work fields.